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Cost: $25 donation to UMDF. Pictures may not be used without permission.

Jerious Norwood, NFL

Jack Black

John Tyson of Tyson Foods

Mito Doc

Senator Willie Mount

Mayor Carlo Martella

"Jude's angels"

Next to me is Steve Marriott of the Marriott Hotel Chain. He lost his battle at 54, but he will always be an inspiration to Jude and me. Chuck, in red, is the president of the UMDF. Despite losing his daughter Gina to mito in 1995, he is still dedicated to this cause. Richard was on the UMDF Board of Directors. As a rule of the Marriott Corporation, this picture may only be used with permission and is not for other publication.

Mito pugs

Going GREEN for MITO (and Sam!)

Thanks to the ladies who helped sew last minute orders at Parkway! The "mito-pro's"!

Derek the mito-racer




Torilynn-in memory of Harold.

The "Mito Supremes"

Dr. Gnaiger and I display the quilt that my aunt made. He bought it for his art collection at Oroboros.

Trusty the Mississippi Braves mascot

South-Cal Princess--Tayrn