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Jerious Norwood of the Atlanta Falcons

Jack Black of Shallow Hal
and many other movies.

John Tyson of Tyson Foods

Mito Doc

Senator Willie Mount of Lake Charles, LA

Mayor Carlo Martella

George and Carter in memory of Morgan.

Going GREEN for MITO (and Sam!)

Derek the mito-racer

"Jude's angels"

Spiderman mitochondria-look close at the webs on the shoulders. In honor of Nick.

Our "camo-chondria" nephews

Miss Mitochondria

Scarlet O'Scary-chondria

Torilynn-in memory of Harold.

Group of mitochondria--in honor of Olivia and Jude.

Zach-mitochondrial myopathy.
Jett-in honor of Jude.

Dr. Gnaiger and I display the quilt that my aunt made. He bought it for his art collection at Oroboros.

Uncle Jamie and the camo gang

Perfect 5th graders!!! Way to listen!

Yes, I was the lady in the wiener tiara who sang for mitochondrial research! It's $5,000, people!!!!


Bucknell Water Polo Players--"Aqua-chondria"?



Awesome 7th graders!!! So cooperative!

More awesome 7th graders!

6th graders who know mito! Great questions too!

Thanks to the ladies who helped sew last minute orders at Parkway! The "mito-pro's"!

Red Hat Mitochondria


The reason that this picture is so special is because 3 of us have been affected by mitochondrial disease. Next to me is Steve Marriott of the Marriott Hotel Chain. Despite his vision, hearing, and other difficulties associated with his mitochondrial disease, he has truly overcome obstacles and is an inspiration. The Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities is just one of the corporation's outreach programs. Chuck, in the red costume, is the president of the UMDF. Despite losing his daughter Gina to mito in 1995, he is still dedicated to this cause. Chuck started the UMDF in his basement. Richard is on the UMDF Board of Directors. As a rule of the Marriott Corporation, this picture may only be used with permission and is not for other publication.


"The" mito-man! Jamie sports his mito gear with friends, but on a serious side, he was a driving force behind legislation that declared the 3rd week in September as "Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week" in New Jersey! He is also affected.

Mito-Princess and Mito-Fairy

South-Cal Princess--Tayrn

Griffin and Reese


The "Mito Supremes"

Night Crew-chondria

Day Crew-chondria

LCFD Mitochondria


The Tyson Spooky-sale for mito

AP mitochondria


High school biology class




Flowood Kiwanis

Cat in the Hat

A demo

4th graders! Awesome!



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